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Georgia Tech launched the FOCUS recruiting program in 1991 with the goal of increasing the number of master's and doctoral degrees awarded to minorities not only at Georgia Tech but also nationwide. FOCUS lays the groundwork for achieving this goal by bringing together minority undergraduates and high school students to meet with faculty, graduate students, alumni, and speakers from the corporate and government arenas. These experiences are designed to demonstrate to minority students how a graduate degree in science or technology can open the door to a life-changing career in academia, industry, or government.

During FOCUS weekend, participants visit classrooms and research labs in their areas of interest and talk with the students and faculty who live the Georgia Tech experience every day. Participants can also get information about the process of applying to graduate school.

The main goal of FOCUS is to give prospective minority graduate students–and any student who will find the program beneficial–an opportunity to visit Georgia Tech and Atlanta and receive an overview of the graduate degree programs. We hope this visit will encourage each student to pursue an advanced degree at the Georgia Tech or any other graduate school of their choice.

As the only technologically focused institution listed among the nation's top ten public universities (U.S. News & World Report), Georgia Tech can offer a graduate education of the very highest caliber. Even if you ultimately choose not to attend Georgia Tech, we hope that you will participate in FOCUS and be inspired to pursue a graduate degree. When you realize your dream of becoming a leader in science and technology, then we at FOCUS will have achieved our goal.

In addition to STEM programs, Georgia Tech has innovative interdisciplinary programs in the humanities and social sciences, including digital media, international affairs, and public policy.

The FOCUS agenda has two components corresponding to the various groups invited to attend:

  1. FOCUS Scholars is designed to increase the awareness of undergraduate juniors and seniors of the benefits of receiving an advanced degree. The Scholars receive an overview of Georgia Tech's graduate degree programs, a review of financial sources, and assistance in the application and decision-making process involved with selecting a graduate school.

  2. FOCUS Alumni brings together nearly twenty-five former FOCUS Scholars each year who received advanced degrees from Georgia Tech to serve as distinguished role models. Their attendance and participation is a key component toward encouraging high school, undergraduate, and graduate students to pursue higher education and careers in academia. Alumni panels are convened to cover topics such as academic and industry careers, and entrepreneurship, among others.