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Why Graduate School?

While the percentage of underrepresented students receiving advanced degrees has shown steady growth, the nation's intellectual needs in industry, academia, government and policy development have grown at a much higher rate. As the nation's economy becomes increasingly driven by research, technology, policy and international affairs, underrepresented students will severely limit their career choices if they do not obtain graduate (master's and doctoral) degrees in these fields. Furthermore, the global community will need more individuals with advanced educational degrees to lead our economies into the future.

Why Georgia Tech?

  • #1 in engineering doctoral degrees awarded to African Americans
    Diverse: Issues in Higher Education
  • #2 in engineering bachelor's degrees awarded to African Americans
    Diverse: Issues in Higher Education
  • #4 in engineering master's degrees awarded to African Americans
    Diverse: Issues in Higher Education
  • #1 engineering graduate school for Hispanics
    Hispanic Business Magazine
  • Innovative interdisciplinary programs in the humanities and social sciences, including digital media, international affairs, and public policy.
  • #7 public university in the nation
    U.S. News & World Report
  • (2010 Rankings)


As the main component of the FOCUS program, FOCUS Scholars is designed to increase the awareness of undergraduate juniors and seniors of the advantages and benefits of receiving an advanced degree. The Scholars receive an overview of Georgia Tech's graduate degree programs, a review of financial sources, and assistance in the application and decision-making process involved in selecting a graduate school.

During the FOCUS weekend, Scholars will:

  • Attend current student and alumni panel discussions to learn about real-life experiences, academic life, and professional careers.
  • Gather by college of interest for a welcome and information session by the appropriate college dean.
  • Visit the academic units and research laboratories according to interest and interact with current students and faculty in the department.
  • Meet with representatives of the Graduate Admissions Office to discuss admission timelines, expectations, funding sources, and application procedures.
  • Visit historic sites around Atlanta and experience the cultural and social aspects of the city.

Why You?

FOCUS is first and foremost a graduate school marketing program. The program's goal is to increase minority student awareness of the benefits and increased opportunities of a graduate degree, then recruit students to pursue a graduate degree at Georgia Tech. For students who do not choose to enroll at Georgia Tech, the hope of FOCUS is that they will pursue a graduate degree at another institution. The program is open to all students who meet the academic qualifications and could potentially benefit from participation in the program.



  • Junior (90 percent of participants)
  • Senior (10 percent of participants)
  • Graduate (case-by-case basis)

Average GPA = 3.5/4.0